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Tatiana L. Barandova
Born: 24 August 1972, Arkhangelsk, Russia.


1. The Modern Institute for Humanities, the Legal faculty, Lawyer (1997- 2002). B.A. degree, Diploma topic The political and legal regime in the modern Russia: the theory and the practice;
2. Evening school for adults 4 in Arkhangelsk (1989-1992);
3. School 21 in Arkhangelsk with intensive study of English language (1979-1988).

Courses and training programmes in addition: (official state certificates) -

1. Short terms re-training course on local government Saint-Petersburg State University, Philosophical Department (April-May 2003)
2. Advanced Course on the International Protection of Human Rights Institute for Human Rights at Turku/Abo Academy University (16-27 August, 2004)

(main with non official certificates)

1. September - December 1994 The school of reporters in regional newspaper for youth Northern Komsomolets (Archangelsk);
2. November 1997 & March 1998 Training for young political leaders Transition to Democracy: including political participation (Academy of Leadership F. Neumann Foundation, Germany);
3. October 1998 May 1999 & October 1999 June 2000 - training programme for NGO leaders Development of the third sector in Archangelsk - Charity Know How (Great Britain), CAF-Russia, Moscow NGO Centre, Arkhangelsk NGO Centre Guarantor;
4. August 1999 - Summer school on political regionalist studies for researches (IGPI, Moscow)
5. April 2001 - training An interactive methods of teaching & consulting skills (Process Consult, Moscow);
6. May 2001 & October 2002 training for NGO leaders in Adult Education, (NFA, Sweden);
7. August 2001 The school for young Scandinavists (State Pomor University, Archangelsk);
8. December 2001 March 2003 High Womens Political Science Courses (International Consortium of Womens Non-governmental Organizations (Moscow)
9. March 2003 - March 2004 expert participatory seminars "Women in the Third Millennium: Civic and Political Responsibility" by McGill University (Canada) and Gorbachov-Fund (Moscow).

Work Experience: Permanent positions (last 10 years):

a. St.Petersburg Humanity and Political Studies Center STRATEGY project co-ordinator and expert in programmes Ombudsman, Civil society against corruption, "Soft Security in the Baltic region" - February 2001 current;
b. ANGO Centre for Civic Education and Human Rights (of Saint-Petersburg State University Philosophy Department) executive director/manager November 2002 current (combining).
c. Folkuniversitetet Branch in Saint-Petersburg Projects manager & trainer (main project The Secretariat of European and Central Asia NGO Working Group on the World Bank) August 2001 June 2002.
d. Arkhangelsk NGOs support Centre Guarantor manager & trainer (regional co-ordinator in project Making an experimental model of the Philanthropic Council on the base of resources center with Fund to Philanthropies Soprichastnost (Moscow); regional expert and project co-ordinator The public participation in budgetary process in the North-West Russia with Public Fund Sodruzestvo (Saint-Petersburg) - December 1999 - August 2001.
e. The State Duma of Russian Federation (The Arkhangelsk region administration) - deputys Mikhail Z. Yriev and Sergey S. Mitrokhin assistant in Arkhangelsk region (Group Yabloko) January 1996 - January 2000.
f. The Arkhangelsk regional newspaper Northern Komsomolets - Correspondent October 1994 - June 1995.

Other work by contracts:

i. Russian Federal Special Program The forming of aims of tolerant realisation and preventive of extremism in Russian society (2001-2005 years) expert and methodologist May - December, 2004.
ii. The project "Barents Russia scenarios-2015" by ECON, FNI, NUPI, WR - Researcher - Norway - 2004;
iii. The Magazine The Triumphal Arch - Counsellor (Consultant) in interregional & international projects and journalist in column "The Bridge to Scandinavia" (from 2001 - current);
iv. East West Institute researcher, author for EWI Russian Regional Report June 1999 - 2002;
v. The Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies (IGPI) regional expert in Political monitoringon Arkhangelsk Oblast and NAO February 1996 January 2001;
vi. Inviting researcher in Center for Russian Studies in Norwegian Institute of International Politics (NUPI) in Oslo, by project The development of democratic politics in North-West Russia (Nordic Council of Ministers) October - December 2000;
vii. Leader and organiser in the number of regional electoral campaigns on different governmental levels: Presidential, State Duma, Governor and Legislature, Local - from 1995 till 1999;
viii. Freelance researcher & journalist in newspapers & agencies - September 1994 present.

Public activity & honorary posts:

 Secretary of the Expert Council on Civic Education and Human Rights of the State Duma of Russian Federation Committee on Education and Science (from December, 2002)
 Member of the Research Committee on Human Rights by Russian Political Science Association from January, 2004)
 Establisher and Council Member of Interregional Network of promoting the growth of women-leaders impact on social development Womens Leadership and Partnership (2001 - 2003).
 Establisher and Council Member The Public Coalition of Archangelsk region (1998 - 2002).
 Co-chairman of the regional branch Council For Human rights movement (1997 1999).
 Member of the Municipal commission of the Yabloko partys Central Council - 1998 2001
 General Secretary of the Yabloko party Archangelsk regional branch (1995-1998)

Main International NGO Events (just last 3 years):

1. Second Baltic NGO Forum in the framework of Russian Presidency in the CBSS "NGO-GO-Business Cross-sector Relations" section moderator (April, 2002, Saint-Petersburg).
2. The 2nd Assembly of NGO from Central Europe, former Soviet Union and Turkey Civil Society Driving Development Secretariat Manager (June, 2002, Belgrade, FRY);
3. The IV International Womens Forum Women for Survival of the Planet civic education section moderator (July, 2002, Irkutsk);
4. The 1st Swedish-Russian NGOs Co-operation Conference of the Forum-Syd speaker and section on Civic and Human Rights moderator (September, 2002, Archangelsk);
5. II International Trust Dialog Prevention of Corruption by Civil Society- moderator of Corporate Ethic Codes and Social Responsibility section (October, 2002, Pushkin);
6. Third Baltic NGO Forum of the CBSS - participant (May, 2003, Turku, Finland);
7. Russian Forum-2003 Social Partnership Mechanism in Cross-sector Relations section - speaker (October, 2003, Niznij Novgorod).
8. Norway Russia: cooperation between Volunteer Organizations and citizens a different channel for development and mutual engagement speaker (September, 2004, Oslo)
9. OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, as the NGO participant (October, 2004, Warsaw);
10. ENEMO Ukrainian Election mission 2004 - observer, (December, 2004, Donetsk)

Scientific conferences (main in last 5 years):

1. Federal Regional Local government relations report and paper - Ekaterinburg, April 1999;
2. EU enlargement to the East - international seminar report - Saint-Petersburg, March 2000;
3. Regional elections & problems of civil society on the North-West Russia - Moscow Carnegie Centre report & paper - Pskov, April 2001;
4. Scientific & Practical Conference Transparent Budget Strategy Center report & paper - Puskin, June 2001;
5. III Congress of Political Science Regional Studies report - Nizni Novgorod, September 2001;
6. Federal elections in Russia Strategy Center & INDEM report & paper Pushkin, March 2002;
7. Role of information in preventing corruption Strategy Center & Transparency International - report - Pushkin, May 2002;
8. Interregional Scientific & Practical Seminar "An Actual Problems of Understanding the Human Rights" Manager, secretary & co-editor - SPbGU, St.Petersburg, October 2003;
9. Interregional Scientific & Practical Seminar "Teaching the Human Rights in Russian Universities" Manager, secretary & co-editor - SPbGU, St.Petersburg, January 2004;
10. Future of Northwest Russia: a part of Europe or apart from Europe? within the framework of the 4th Russian and East European Research Days report - Joensuu, Finland, March 2004;
11. Interregional Scientific & Practical Symposium "The Human Rights and Identity Problems" Manager, Secretary & co-editor - SPbGU, St.Petersburg, July 2004;
12. Interregional Scientific & Practical Seminar "The Human Rights and Questions of National Minorities and Migration" Manager, secretary - SPbGU, St.Petersburg, September 2004;
13. IV Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies: global & local report SPb, October, 2004;
14. Scientific conference Prevention of Conflict of Interests section moderator Mass-media and corruption Pushkin, November, 2004.

Practical & Research publications: main in political science (on Russian):

1. Barandova T. The Arkhangelsk region elections to the State Duma in 1995.// The results of elections to the State Duma and perspectives of the political development in Russia (general federal processes & regional practice). A collection of publication edited by G.Luchterchandt & A.Filippov. M.: IGPI,1996. p. 145-154.
2. Barandova T. The local government reform in the Arkhangelsk region // The reform of the local government in the regional dimension (according to the material from 21 regions of Russian Federation) edited by S. Ryzhenkov & N.Vinnic. In series The municipal clerk library , issue 13. M.: Moscow Public Scientific Foundation & IGPI, 1999. p. 340 380.
3. Barandova T. Kiselev E. The Nenets Autonomy District 70 years. Some steps on the way to autonomy determination // M: IGPI, 1999. - 9(92).
4. T.Barandova. The gender aspects in the public movement // The gender retrospective view on Russian society: problems and methods of research. edited by O.Churakova. Archangelsk.: AGMA, 2000.
5. T.Barandova. Regional electoral campaigns of 2000-2001 in the Archangelsk oblast: from "struggle inwardly types" to "corporate assimilation" // Moscow Carnegie Center 2001. http://www.carnegie.ru/russian/Projects/Reports/Regions/sem01apr.htm (also in a hard copy)
6. T.Barandova. The Ombudsman in Archangelsk oblast: political mistakes of rights-protective experiment (1997-1998) // Participation of powers in the protection of the human rights: commissions and Ombudsmen edited by A.Sungurov. SPb.: Norma.:2001. p. 105- 118.
7. Federal elections 1999-2000 influence on political process development and institutes of civic participation formation in Archangelsk region // edited by M.Gorny. - SPb.:Norma., - 2002.
8. T.Barandova, A.Shutov. Specialities of the budget process-2001 in Arkhangelsk oblast: public participation aspects // edited by M.Gorny. - SPb.:Norma., - 2002.
9. T. Barandova. Influence of regional political regime establishing specifics on the level of corruption in Archangelsk region. / Prevention of corruption: what society can do? // edited by M.Gorny. - SPb.:Norma., - 2003. p.68-101.
10. T. Barandova. E. Kiselev. Level of corruption and electoral campaigns influence on situation in Nenets autonomy district / Prevention of corruption: what society can do? // edited by M.Gorny. - SPb.:Norma., - 2003. p.213-244.
11. T.Barandova, M.Konnova, A.Sevortjan. Gender aspects of Human Rights Protection in Russia interactive scientific discussions on modernizing Human Rights understanding. - www.auditorium.ru, 2003
12. T.Barandova. Few words in accordance with affirmative actions or do women need special rights? interactive scientific discussions on modernizing Human Rights understanding. - www.auditorium.ru, 2003
13. Barandova T. (2004) "Archangelsk Oblast: Resources and Actors", Barents Russia 2015 Working paper 17. Oslo: ECON.- www.barentsrussia2015.net
14. Barandova T. The model distant learning interdisciplinary course The tolerance and prevention of extremism. Teaching of tolerance. Methodology manual. // edited by G.Bardier. SPb.: Norma, 2004.
15. Barandova T. Study course project Fundamentals of gender tolerance. Teaching of tolerance. Methodology manual. // edited by G.Bardier. SPb.: Norma, 2004.
16. Gender Dimension of the Human Rights SPb, forthcoming
17. Regular contribution to IGPI Political monitoring (Aprox.30 articles from 1996 till 2001).
18. Regular contributions to EWI Russian Regional Report (Approx. 20 articles from 1999).

Main in public sphere (in Russian):
19. T.Barandova. General values and differences in intercultural business contacts between Russia and Germany // international conference materials Role of morally-ethical valuables in Russian-German business relations - Moscow, 2000 www.academy-go.ru
20. T.Barandova. The treasures of answers in the depth of questions: or the chronology of one research // Bulletin of Charity (Vestnik Blagotvoritelnosti). edited by O.Sestrenskij. Moscow, 2000. - 6,7.
21. T.Barandova. Manager as a trainer manager of the future: what skills can we use? Baltic Sea Dialogue 2002 - 1 - p. 11-13 (in English).
22. Regular contribution to Archangelsk regional newspapers and magazines (Approx. 40 articles from 1995)

Current research and professional interests:

Fundamental Human Rights and Gender Studies; Political and Public Participation (lawmaking, democratisation, civic education, tolerancy, electoral and political processes, local government, etc).

Own training and courses elaborated and realised:

1. 1999-2000 Fundamental Human Rights for Mass-media in Archangelsk Oblast (4 levels training);
2. 1999-2001 Women as a Leader of NGO in 21st Century in Archangelsk Oblast (2 levels, with IRI);
3. 2000 Social Partnership: Municipal Grant - for Archangelsk city local government (2 levels);
4. 2003 - Power Vertical and Civic Horizontal: social partnership on municipal level for St.Petersburg self-government staff (one level re-training, with State Certificate of SPbGU);
5. 2002-2003 Distant learning course on Fundamental Human Rights for Regional Ombudsmen Bodies Staff in Russia (available on:www.strategy-spb.ru/edu , re-training with State Certificate);
6. 2004 Distant learning course on Tolerance (specialization version is under construction now)


Main activity in creative work:

Started to write poetry from age 10, music (guitar) from age 13, art from age 31.
1986-1987 participation in school and city author's song competitions for youth, many school concerts and theater performances (informal study).
1988 1989 near 10 concerts & public presentations on events of NGO Duty (Center for rehabilitation for soldiers from Afghan war DOLG). Recorded 3 authors programs on regional TV and radio "Atlantic" on regional radio-station "Pomorie".
November 1989 March 1990 2 tourneys with 20 concertos in Archangelsk oblast as author-musician (bard) in the concert program Dances and songs of peoples from the World during official work by contract as an artist in Okrtjabrsky Committee of VLKSM;
2000 2001 - co-organizer of several tours for folk-rock band Johns Quijote (Oslo) in Arcnagelsk region.
July August 2002 individual grant for contact-making project "North-Balt-Art Kaleidoscope: Youth Art Network" in Scandinavia SLEIPNIR program of Nordic Council of Ministers;
From April 2003 voluntary consulting in international cultural project-making and fund-raising for few musicians and bands in St.Petersburg and Archangelsk and for young poets.
Current radio performance version of the mystery-tale "The One Who Will Find The Flower", radio-station "The Open City", North-west Russia, to be released at December 2004 January 2005.

Achievements and Awards:
April 1992 regional bards competition festival Ottajavshie Struny (Thaws strings) became the final gala-concert participant.
August 2002 The NORDCON North-West interregional literary competition The First Award in nomination "Poetry" for mystery-tale Volk v latakh (The Wolf In Cuirass);

Authors books (published):
1. T.Barandova. And Only The Yellow Heap Of Leafs Is Under Fits (on Russian) published in a hard copy - Archangelsk, Nord: 1996;
2. T.Barandova. Frescos On The Rocking-shaft (on Russian) published and available on Internet site: www.barandova.narod.ru , 2000;
3. T.Barandova. The Hymn for Past Last Life (on Russian) published and available on Internet site: www.samizdat.ru , 2002;
4. in 2005 to be published in a hard copy the book of selected lyrics, poems and mystery-tales - bilingual, with translation by A.Roberts (UK) and M.Mochalova (Archangelsk), include author's illustrations.

Other publications, translations, poetry collections and periodic publicist works:

1. The newspaper The Northern Comsomolets near 10 literary stories about Archangelsk's people & traditions, poetical circle "For M.Tsvetaeva" (1994-1995);
2. The newspaper The Northern medicine worker 3 lyrical verses in column "The book in the newspaper" (1995);
3. Few lyrical verses in the book Giving Light For Others I Burning Out Myself (1995),
4. The Archangelsk magazine The Polar Star collection of civic verses (1996);
5. The regional youth literary almanac STIHI-JA (The Element) two collections of lyrics, approximately 25 verses. (1997 & 1998);
6. Collection of literary translations of twelve J.Bye's texts from Norwegian as the co-author (with B.Risnes) for CD Parus by rock-band Johns Quijote, record on Bomba-Piter & "Manchester Files" in Saint-Petersburg in Russia (2000);
7. 1999 2000 recorded four radio programs on regional radio-stations "Pomorie" and "Archangelsk" with author's readings of poems;
8. Book "But womens verse as a special delight" collection of 15 verses, ed. O.Churakova, AGMA press (2001);
9. Psychological Essay "The Tale About Princess Who Stayed a Frog" magazine "The Triumph Arch", Archangelsk, 2002., 2. p. 84-85;
10. Lyrical notes "Nine Days Of Astounding By Hamsun" magazine "The Triumphal Arch", Archangelsk, 2003, 3. p. 110-113. (also translated to English);
11. Verses' collection from circle "The Northern Laces" magazine "The Triumphal Arch", Archangelsk, 2004, 5. p. 43-44. (published translated to English by A.Roberts);

Unpublished and/or unfinished works (in the process):

1. Circle of poems "Ptitsa Pamjat" (The Memory-Bird) written in teenage, 1987-1990.
2. Circle of poems "Treschiny na khrupkom l'du" (The Cracks On The Thin Ice), written in 1993-1998.
3. Fairy-tale for adults "Byl-nebylitsa" (The Reality-Fiction) written in 1994-1999;
4. Circle of poems "The Northern Laces" Scandinavian and Northern Russia cities in poetry, started in 1999, unfinished (partly supported by grant "Sleipnir" in 2002);
5. "The Poem Of One City" (Oslo) started in 2002 (partly supported by grant "Sleipnir")
6. Mystery-historical poem-tale "Tot, kto najdet tsvetok" (The One, Who Will Find The Flower) written in 2003, with motives of Pomor and Britain history, to be the first part of trilogy and to be translated to English (sponsored by A.Roberts - UK);
7. Poetical-Historical Trilogy "Tri Niti" (The Three Strings), including gender review on the history and the World development started in 2003 with poem Story of the Copper Tub (Prologue sponsored by A.Roberts - UK)
8. "The Poem Of Dance", written in 2004, with motives of M.Tsvetaeva;
9. Circle of poems "Angel prizrak sveta" (The Angel Ghost Of Light), written in 2002-2004;
10. Mystery-historical poem-tale Tam, gde gnezdjatsja angely (There, Where Angels Nests), the second part of trilogy started in 2004;
11. Autobiographical poem Zenskji portret v interjere vremeni (The Womens Portrait In Interior Of The Time) started in 2004 .

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